Jordy Zijlmans

Have you ever watched a horror movie and turned down the sound in order to make it “less scary”? Well, then you’re not
the only one. At young age I  discovered this little magic trick and the more I did it, the more I recognized the importance
of sound. Further down the road I also realized there was more music in the world than just the tunes you hear daily at
your local radio station. Symphonic music, to be exact.

Both of these discoveries were the start of my nowadays passion. Making sound and music for film and video games.

Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to improve my knowledge and skills at several companies throughout the country,
acquired a degree in audio engineering in the heart of Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and eventually started my own
company, Shipwrecked Audio.

Right now it’s my goal to make other people as speechless as I was the moment I heard those catapulting fireballs,
screeching eagles, and demonic little girls at the end of a long hallway. All mixed with a good dose of humor, and perhaps
a drink or two..

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